PRT811 is designed to be an oral, potent, and selective PRMT5 inhibitor.

PRT811 is an oral PRMT5 inhibitor designed to have high potency and selectivity and optimized brain exposure. It is in Phase 1 clinical development for patients with PRMT5-dependent cancers, including uveal melanoma and IDH1 mutated high grade gliomas.


Differentiated PRMT5 Inhibitor

  • Highly selective, potent, oral
  • High, sustained brain penetration in preclinical studies

Applicability in Both Solid Tumors and Heme

  • Strong scientific rationale and robust preclinical activity across broad range of cancers
  • Early clinical signals in biomarker selected patients

Optimized PK Profile

  • High oral bioavailability and optimal half-life (4-6 hrs) to maximize therapeutic window
  • Potential best-in-class safety profile

Potential Rapid Path to Market

  • Potential for accelerated approval pathway
  • Opportunity in multiple cancer types