Prelude and AbCellera Partner to Create Novel First-in-Class Precision ADCs Together

Prelude and AbCellera enter into a multi-year global collaboration to jointly discover, develop and commercialize novel oncology medicines for up to five programs with the first program focusing on a SMARCA degrader. AbCellera will lead manufacturing activities and Prelude will lead clinical development and global commercialization, subject to AbCellera’s option to co-promote any resulting commercial products in the U.S. 

This partnership combines Prelude’s expertise in medicinal chemistry, targeted protein degradation and clinical development capabilities with AbCellera’s antibody discovery engine to develop novel ‘Precision ADCs’. It will expand the reach of SMARCA degraders to cancers beyond those with SMARCA4 mutations.

“By leveraging our combined capabilities and expertise in rapidly discovering and advancing novel candidates into the clinic, this collaboration provides an opportunity to build a pipeline of first-in-class ADCs targeting clinically validated pathways in oncology”

Kris Vaddi, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO of Prelude

“Through this strategic partnership we are combining deep expertise in antibody and small molecule development to create precision ADC therapies for patients in need”

Carl Hansen, Ph.D.
Founder and CEO of AbCellera